“Rachel is an exceptionally gifted Reiki practitioner. The peacefulness I experience with her work is really not describable in words, I just know how much I look forward to her sessions because I know I’m going to walk out (float is more like it) feeling really good. When I’m lying on her table, I experience the deepest breathing I have ever had…deep, unhurried, nourishing, and comforting. What a gift!” ~ Dr. Cynthia Rose, DC, Madison, WI

“I began my Reiki journey with Level 1 in December 2009 with Rachel. I knew then that Rachel was my choice to guide me to Level 2, which I did in May 2010. Taking Reiki classes with Rachel was a very relaxing experience. Her soft voice and guidance conveyed that she IS Reiki. Her instruction was detailed, yet tailored to my learning capacity. She instilled in me the confidence to be a healer and to value my connection to Reiki energy. What a wonderful way to learn the healing techniques of Reiki and to bring Reiki into every part of my life!” ~  JL

“Reiki by Rachel is for me a tender, loving, gentle, yet strong experience. There is not only a feeling of calmness and relaxation, but of a deep power being activated within me when I receive Reiki through Rachel’s hands.  My sessions with Rachel, whether remote or in person, have provided me with support on many occasions during varying degrees of crises in my life. It has been a spiritual hammock, so to speak, in which I could rest myself when things around me were unstable. Rachel delivers this energy with love and genuine care for those with whom she works. I just love it!” ~ Jean Wallis, Minneapolis

“Rachel is a kind and gentle healer. She immediately responded to our inquiry and worked with our schedule to set up Reiki sessions; she also did some distance healing for us. The sessions were incredibly helpful in that they always were calming and grounding, the healing energy was always felt! I was so impressed with Rachel and would highly recommend her for Reiki healing.” ~ Nan



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